I find the SAM (Serverless Application Model) CLI extremely frustrating to use on Linux, starting with installation. But this week I learned two things that simplify both installation and operation. I’m passing them on in the hopes that they’ll be useful to you as well. Happy Friday!

Homebrew isn’t required

For me, the…

Cypress is a relatively new web testing tool that is easier to use than Selenium, and it’s gaining in popularity. But using it in a continuous integration environment like AWS CodeBuild requires some additional steps compared to running it directly on your own computer.

This blog post contains helpful information…

How do you configure database connections for your Spring Boot application? Here’s one way:


The problem with this approach is that “my_super_secret_password” isn’t: it’s sitting in a file in plain text, available to anyone who can either check out your source code or copy your deployment bundle…

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